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Ironic Invasions and Muzzies

I was thinking about how much I hate ironic mustaches, or “muzzies” as they’re apparently called by Brits, and felt inspired to share the comic that perfectly demonstrates why ironic muzzies aren’t clever — they just make you look like an asshole. Enter: Hipster Hitler.

If you like hipster jokes, wordplay and/or satire and aren’t easily offended, goosestep on over to  And yes, the t-shirts are for sale, so you can show your appreciation for german/history/indie rock/web comics/irony  in a single screen printed tee… although I’m not sure wearing them (mainly this one) in public would be such a great idea.

The following comic is my favorite, but mostly because I find extreme closeups hilarious and can use it to torture my German hipster friend who once criticized my resume for being in arial. Apparently his was in garamond because — and i quote — “Harry Potter is in garamond so it will create a positive association.  Plus it just looks way more professional.” *gives judgmental look* (more…)

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Damnit! RE: my previous post about this story:

Spoiler Alert: if you haven’t read my previous post or looked at the photos, I suggest you click the links above, rather than following the reverse chronological order blog protocol.  Plus, as a general rule, following protocol tends to be lame anyway.


August 11, 2010 at 5:45 am 1 comment

Sweet Revenge

Passive aggressive notes are awesome, as is a good quitting story (especially to someone like me who clings for dear life to every job opportunity I can get) so it’s no wonder why I’ve seen this story everywhere… (this particular copy and paste is courtesy of but you can find all 30 pictures here)


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The Case of Comic Sans

fortune 500 company vs. lemonade stand

Comic Sans makes you look like an idiot

This is Comic Sans.  It’s not such a bad font, right?  WRONG (apparently).  The general consensus towards Comic Sans is that it is ridiculous, obnoxious and loathsome.


August 1, 2010 at 9:29 am 1 comment

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